Online Blackjack Tips

Online Blackjack Tips

The aim of the game with gambling is to win money, to do this you have to act & play smart while your at the table. On this page you can find a few basic online blackjack tips to help you improve your game and have more fun at the casino.

Blackjack is a relatively simple game to understand, with the players versing the dealer in a battle of cards. Whoever gets the closest to 21 points wins, with each card worth their value in points and picture cards worth 10 and Ace is equal to 1 or 11.

There are often many distractions when playing online games and one of the best blackjack tips we can provide is to avoid any form of distraction while playing. While side bets and insurance might seem like smart plays in the moment, they are often a good way for the casino to increase their house edge and win more over the long run.

By avoiding making excessive side bets, you can ultimately focus more on your cards and formulate a blackjack strategy to help you win more. Each persons playing style will vary and so will the types of blackjack strategies they use.

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If you’re a safe player you might opt to Stand whenever you have 15 or higher. If the dealers face up card is a low number, this can be a good strategy, as they will need to draw another card and increase the chances of them busting.

On the other hand a more risky player might employ a strategy of doubling down whenever they receive an 11. This increases the stake and return if they win the hand, with the aim of drawing a picture card or Ace to get 20/21 points. These strategies do pay out more, but they also involve more stake & risk, so it’s wise to follow your gut and pick which works best for you.

In multi hand blackjack the game play in itself is a form of blackjack strategy. While a normal player is used to playing one set of cards at a time, multi hand blackjack can allow a person to play more than four hands simultaneously. This involves more stake, but also increases chances of winning against the dealer. Players will need to work out their bankroll and play with stake sizes that are suitable for them.

Multi hand blackjack is a fantastic form of online gambling that multiplies the action of traditional blackjack and delivers an exhilarating experience to online casino players. Instead of spending your time playing slots, blackjack is a game with a much lower house edge and more control over the betting, stakes and outcomes than with random slot games. Many casino players who made the change have enjoyed the new style of play, especially when it come to playing live dealer blackjack at the best casino sites.

Another one of our important blackjack tips is to follow bankroll management rules if you want to enjoy lots of games of blackjack and stand more chance of winning money in the long run. There are many different ways people look at how they manage their bankroll, a good safe rule to follow is to not risk more than 1-2% of your bankroll at once.

This will vary greatly between players, for example some high rollers might love playing risky and drop $2,000 on a single hand, which could be 25% of their bankroll. If the lose 4 hands, their bankroll would be on 0. If they played at 2% they would have 50 bets from their bankroll and the risk of them running it down to 0 is greatly reduced.

By following some simple blackjack tips & strategies that work for your style of play, you can increase your chances of enjoying more games, having more wins and getting the most action.

How to Win in Blackjack

  • Avoid distractions, insurance & side bets
  • Follow bankroll management rules & play appropriate stake sizes
  • Double down on advantageous hands like 11 or Ace
  • Enjoy the game and have fun

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